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Rigid Foam Spray

Versatile Problem Solver for Construction Jobs

Spray-on rigid urethane foam has made possible revolutionary changes in construction practices. Architects, engineers and builders are discovering rigid urethane foam as a low cost, easily applied product for thermal insulation, moisture barrier protection and structural reinforcement of buildings and roofs. Versatile, light-weight rigid urethane foams do the job better while they cut construction time and costs. The building material no longer dictates construction design or technique. Rigid urethans foam is seamless and requires no elaborate installation methods or fasteners. Our operators can insulate, seal and strengthen an entire house in a matter of hours.


What is Rigid Urethane?

Rigid urethane foam is a plastic solid with a random cellular structure of up to a million closed cells per cubic inch of expanded material. The foam is formed by a controlled reaction between two ingredients - an isocyanate and a polyol - in the presence of selected catalysts and additives. Once the reaction has been initiated, the semi-liquid foam expands rapidly up to 30 times its original volume and hardens. It adheres tenaciously to most surfaces and forms a monolithic structure.

This short film demonstrates the application of Urethane Foam. UFO was chosen for the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Project in Southern Vermont. The House received a 5 Stars Plus energy rating by Efficiency Vermont.

Click play to see the spray foam application of the Extreme Makeover home.